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[GUEST POST] Autism Pride Day, June 18th by Bekki Semenova

I want to inform you all of an important event. Every year, on June 18th, the Autistic community celebrates Autism Pride Day. This is a reminder for autistic people and their families that autistic people don’t need so called medical intervention and treatment, we need a change in our environment that best fits us, and our individual needs. This is a reminder that autistic people matter and our needs are to be accommodated for, understood, and appreciated.

Many autistic individuals are misunderstood, because we face a lot of challenges, and especially for people like me, whose autism might not be so visible, others may not recognize that we also have quite the struggle to fit into regular society. Our needs, desires, and intense emotions are very often invalidated, and we are told that we can still do something, even if it makes us uncomfortable. My message is that we got to recognize and validate the autistic person’s struggle, so that we are not pushed too far, until our anxiety makes us unable to function.

Autistic Pride Day is a time to recognize that each autistic person has their own potential, and that everyone, despite our challenges, struggles, or circumstances must be there for each other.

Today, and everyday, the autism community and their families, unite together, to symbolize that autism is a challenge, but even though it is, with the right understanding and support, autism is something to be cherished and proud of. I am proud to say I am autistic, and I am not afraid to tell people about my autism. I am always open about my experiences with having autism because I want to help in creating a better, safer and more inclusive education support system, and bring more pride in accepting the fact that ALL autistic people struggle, but despite the fact, we can unite together and create a stronger community.

Thank you so much for shining a light on this together with me.

Bekki Semenova

Vaughan, Canada

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