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The Power of Travelling with Autistic family members

Why Is It Important and How It Impacts Your Child’s Life

Three things to consider ahead of a family holiday in the summer:

We all love a summer holiday. Whether we’re jetting off somewhere tropical, or staying a bit more local, everyone can agree that getting out and relaxing in the sun is good for the mind, body, and soul.

Those benefits are amped up a notch when you head away as a family. Reports suggest that as many as 44% of people are intending to go on a family holiday in 2023. And it’s not hard to see why, with a separate survey finding that 32% of parents found their children were more relaxed after a trip away.

But, just as with any holiday of this nature, there’s prep which needs to be done first in order to make sure your trip is not only fun, but safe. Here are three important factors you need to keep in mind when heading off on a trip with the whole clan.

Make sure to be aware of the sun

While it may be the reason you chose your destination, the sun needs to be respected as much as it should be admired. That’s perfectly true when it comes to kids, who have considerably more sensitive skin than us adults.

Some advice for protecting them from potentially harmful UV rays are:

Also be sure to keep your whole family hydrated throughout the day.

Pack wisely

Half the challenge when it comes to going on holiday is making sure you have everything you need. That becomes all the more important when you’re headed away with kids. There’s all sorts of essentials that you need to bring with you, including things like:

  • Electronics (laptops, tablets, portable games consoles) – to keep them occupied during long distance travel

  • A medical kit (plasters, bandages, sanitizer, baby wipes) – in the unlikely event of them getting cuts and scrapes

  • Snacks (fruit, vegetables, nuts) – as a quick top-up when energy levels (and tummies) are empty

  • Clothing (to protect from the sun, or spare clothes) – to make sure you always have the chance to change in case of an emergency

One of the easiest ways to make sure you don’t miss anything is to create a checklist, and tick off items as you go.

Have an emergency plan

In the unlikely event you get separated from a member of your family, you need to have a backup plan in place to make sure you’re all able to find each other again. This can be anything as simple as rendezvousing as a specific location, or having a more complex system which allows you to track each other’s phones.

Run through this with the kids, but try to make it as relaxed as possible. You won’t want to unnecessarily scare them – but you also need to make sure the system sinks in. Think about positioning it like a game.

Do you feel better prepared for your next family holiday? Make sure to keep all of these tips in mind to make sure your trip is amazing for everyone.


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