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What is ABA like with ABA Across Environments?

Even if you are somewhat familiar with ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), some of the terminology used by your behavior technician or clinician may sound daunting. However, through complete transparency and the inclusion of you as the parent, and the clients themselves, in the process and in the analysis, you will be able to understand and participate in your loved one’s behavior journey.

We serve clients from ages 2 to 22 years who have either autism, fetal alcohol and drug syndrome, Down’s syndrome, ADHD, and Emotional Behavioral Disorder. Through our practices and techniques, we have found the applied scientific principles of ABA be successful in a wide range of learning and behavioral differences. We try to promote behavior change with intrinsic motivation that utilizes the client's values.

What is ABA like with Across Environments?

ABA is the practice of applying psychological principles of learning theory in a systematic way to alter individuals’ behaviors. At ABA Across Environments we attempt in every way possible to ensure that the behavior change is meaningful for the client and the client’s wants and needs for the future. We provide different scenarios and opportunities based on an individual’s differences to help best support in whatever capacity is most beneficial. Then we introduce different manipulations and consequences to reduce barrier behaviors and increase functional behaviors. We monitor progress with the client and our team to make modifications when needed to ensure that programming remains appropriate every step of the way. We use positive methods to help change behavior that is free from coercion or forced prompting for compliance.

We are passionate about preparing our clients for situations both inside of the home and in their daily lives, whether that be school, playing at the park, the grocery store, a friend’s house, or a job interview. Our ability to provide one-on-one attention to each client helps create changes in behavior that are functional and appropriate for that client and his or her family.

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