Sharon Starkey

Sharon Starkey graduated in 1985 with a degree in Human Relations, now called Nonprofit Leadership and Management from High Point University, and holds an American Humanics Nonprofit Management Certification. Sharon has worked in the field with children and adults in the nonprofit sector and the corporate settings since graduating. Her son was officially diagnosed on the autism spectrum at the age of 6 and she began becoming active in the Autism community. She was on the board of directors for Autism and Asperger Connections from 2014 to 2018. Her husband is also on the spectrum.

Suzanne Johnson

Suzanne Johnson graduated in 2001 with a certificate in accounting/bookkeeping. After graduating she worked in the accounting field in the Bay Area, California from 2001 - 2003. Then, in 2004 she moved to rural Nevada. She worked and lived in rural Nevada as a business bookkeeper for a local school district from 2004 - 2011. In 2011 after her 3rd child was born she moved to Colorado Springs, CO. This was her new journey as a stay at home mom and caregiver. In 2017 she became a licensed CNA in the state of Colorado and takes care of two of her daughters who qualify for CNA hours. Currently, all 5 of her children are diagnosed on the spectrum with other varying disabilities.

Mark Davidson

Mark Davidson began working in the allied healthcare industry in 1988 while serving in the Army as a combat flight medic and transitioned to pediatric nursing in 1991. He has served the greater Colorado Springs area for 30 years while working with children, adults, and families in hospitals and homecare while collaborating with specific groups to raise awareness and seek means to ensure they receive quality care.

Meet the Board of Directors

Rachel Widgren

Rachel Widgren has worked in the Public School systems of California and Colorado since 2003 as parent support in her son's ASD class, student observer, student teacher, substitute, interventionist, and ESL teacher. When she received her Master's of Education in 2017 she decided to use it to bring hope to those slipping through the cracks of Public School, often due to diagnoses, by opening a private school: Kishami Academy.

Sarice (Reese) Undis

Sarice (Reese) Undis is an autism mom and also an adult on the autism spectrum that went misdiagnosed for years until after her son’s diagnosis. As a prior advocate for military families with special needs children, she is passionate about helping others and growing our community support for one another. Most of her days are now spent working from home for Amazon and homeschooling while also pursuing her many other hobbies.

Chris Wingate

Christopher Wingate is a graduate of UCCS and has a bachelors degree in Communications. He has served on a board for two years in the position of Secretary. Recently he was inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success. He is on the autism spectrum.

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