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5 Lifehacks for the Parent New to ABA Therapy, Part 4: Know your team

Know the different pieces and functions of those providing ABA Therapy to your child

Every child in ABA therapy will have a team around them helping them to achieve their goals. The first piece of each team is the family. At Keystone Achievements, we know that the family has been the team since day one and we make no presumptions. We respectfully request permission to join that team when we begin working with each child.

Additionally, we provide the family with training programs and resources to aid understanding and follow-through of the child’s programming. We expect continued engagement in each child’s therapy from our families.

The next piece of the team is the BCBA. BCBA stands for Board Certified Behavioral Analyst. Each BCBA receives, in addition to classroom training, 1500+ hours of supervised clinical service. They will oversee every child’s programming and Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) to ensure they’re implemented correctly. The BCBA will also serve as the supervisor and when needed, trainer, for the therapists that work 1:1 with students most of the time.

This brings us to our next teammate, the therapist. Each therapist, or “teacher” as we prefer to call them, is a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). To become an RBT requires 40 hours of module training detailing the basics of Applied Behavior Analysis that is created by a BCBA. After these modules are completed, a BCBA will supervise the therapist to confirm the training has been effective and sponsor them to test for the RBT Credential. (See more about our RBT training program here)

As previously mentioned, the therapist spends the most time working with the students, so their training and supervision is key. We have an extensive training program that covers all the necessary skills for their job and is overseen by tenured ABA professionals. We provide each therapist with extensive understanding of their position and the resources needed to continue to excel.

Finally, we know each child is unique and might have other therapies or providers they need to see regularly. Keystone Achievements collaborates and communicates extensively with other therapies to guarantee the highest level of care from all sources.

We believe strongly that to see the most growth and achieve the greatest results all of these pieces must work in unison. Through communication, collaboration, and compassion we will achieve these goals and anything else we set our minds to.

When someone begins their search for an Autism Center in Colorado Springs they have many choices to make. We recommend skipping the worry of piecing together a well-functioning team and move right to the Keystone Achievements.

To excel

All pieces must function in unison.



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