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A New Method for Choosing the Most Effective Treatments for Autism

I found this interesting video when I was searching for some information. It is full of information on medications, supplements and other therapies that have worked for children on the autism spectrum. It talks about ruling out medical conditions for behavior as well as treatments. “50% of what is done in medicine is Unknown Effectiveness.”

The video has lots of charts on supplements and medications, including their grade via evidence-based studies on children with autism, the side effects and other important information. The charts include supplements like Melatonin, Omega 3, B6/ Magnesium, Carnitine, Probiotics, along with 16 others. It also contains charts for medications such as Oxytocin, Naltrexone, Propranolol, Fluoxetine and many others. The video then touches on various alternative therapies and shows different slides that you can easily pause to read. It is well worth taking a look at the video, even if it means only looking at a particular segment. I found it very informative and I learned a lot of new information.


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