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  • Marissa Perez

Best Strategies for Success as an Entrepreneur With Autism

Adults with autism face many challenges and develop strategies for navigating the working world as neurodivergent people. Many professionals with autism have found that entrepreneurship is the answer. If you're on the spectrum and ready to take on the business world, there are several good business practices you should adopt.

Focus on Your Strengths

Professionals from all walks of life find that choosing a career based on personal strengths is a prime factor in success. The right choice increases your chances of excelling. You may have positive characteristics that translate well to business endeavors, such as:

  • Expertise in your area of focused interest

  • Honesty and clarity in communication

  • Expression through visual and written language

  • Attention to fine details

  • Superior organizational skills

  • Ease working with numbers

When you choose a job based on your strongest skill set, you create a strong business foundation that remains steady as your goals and strategies change and develop.

Adapt Your Work Environment to Suit Your Needs

Too often, business models look the same without taking the owner’s strengths and weaknesses into account. If you work best with a deadline, structure your business to run most efficiently. If you are more focused on polishing your work until the results are perfect, choose a business model that encourages quality. A clear understanding of how your goods or services will be judged and marketed helps you make a steady profit and grow your business.

Use Technology and Resources to Your Advantage

A well-organized business structure is often necessary before you can get funding for your new venture. Many entrepreneurs opt for limited liability companies because they have limited personal liability, less paperwork, and more flexibility. There are also important tax benefits to registering as an LLC. If you need to register with the state, you may find that an online service helps you complete this quickly and accurately.

Become a member of your local chamber of commerce. Other businesses are more likely to work with you if you've joined, and consumers are more likely to believe you are using good business practices and that your products or services are competitive.

Equipping your business with various tech tools can help you easily manage everything from payroll to projects. For example, professional service businesses (e.g., consulting, architecture, landscaping) can benefit from software like QuickBooks Advanced, which helps you to automate accounting, invoicing, expense management, and other tasks. These tools and features can help you gain greater insights on various aspects of your business so you can figure out where to reduce costs and how you can keep growing your business.

Identify Areas of Weaknesses and Work on Skills That Matter

Everyone has weaknesses, but those aren't always apparent at work. When choosing the skills that need improvement, focus on those that truly impact your business success. For example, if your handwriting is hard to read but you rarely write things out, just stick to typing and choose another skill to improve. Enlist the help of a trusted friend or co-worker to pinpoint an area that could use work and then sign up for classes, hire a coach, or find another way to strengthen that skill.

Hire Staff Who Complement Your Strengths and Weaknesses

As an entrepreneur, you choose which tasks to delegate and which to complete yourself. For example, if constant social interactions impede your productivity, hire someone else to handle client communication. It can be challenging to hire people who are different from you, so consider involving a peer or friend with the skills or qualities you want in an employee to go through the hiring process with you.

Finding a position within a business that accommodates your needs isn't easy. As an entrepreneur and the owner of your own company, you control how your workplace runs and can follow these practices to create your own environment for success.

Looking for more autism support? Check out the Autism Vision of Colorado website for upcoming events, or contact us for assistance.


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