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When: Saturday, September 12th

Time: 10:00 AM- 2:00 PM

Where: Colorado Early Colleges Colorado Springs 4405 N Chestnut St in the courtyard

Come and join us for a fun outside event while practicing social distancing. The theme is fun in the sun so if you want to dress up feel free to wear your Hawaiian theme garb or wear beach wear. It is entirely up to you! There will be games and prizes. Not to mention cotton candy, ice cream, snow cones and hot dogs available for purchase. All proceeds go to Autism Vision of Colorado and back into our programs!

We have a great line up of booths and each will have a carnival like game to play. Play and you earn a prize. Tickets will be 10 for $5 and each game only requires one ticket! You can purchase them at the Autism Vision of Colorado booth upon arrival!

Booths include: No Limits, KidsCare, Team Select, Consultants for Children Inc., Harmonized Brain Center-Nutrigenomics, Dungarvin, Angels of Care, Skills Academy, A Cognitive Connection, A Rise Above, Juice Plus, Aspire, Summit Psychological, Integrity Destinations, Autism Society, Pikes Peak Respite Services, Family Support Center, Voyager Home Health Care, Continuum, Colorado Ranchito, Solice, Usborne Books, Paparazzi, Reflexology, Cool Science and Autism Home Support Services.

In order to have a safe event, everyone is required to sign in at the Autism Vision of Colorado booth with a name, email address and phone number in case we need to contact anyone. Booths will all be at least six feet apart. All vendors will be wearing non-latex, non-powder gloves. When a child wants to play a game, they will be required to wipe hands with a non-alcoholic wipe. Games will be wiped down after each use. Vendors will be handing out prizes. No child or parent should be touching anything at the booth other than the game. Vendors (with gloves on) will be handling everything.

Why are we taking all these precautions? We really want to have an in-person event and make it accessible to everyone. We don’t want people to be afraid of coming out to have fun! We want to see all your smiling faces! It has been way too long.

So, get dressed for fun in the sun and come join us for a fun day! If this is successful and people come out and support us, we hope to have some sort of Trunk or Treat event. It all depends on how this event is received. We look forward to seeing you all!


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