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The Need to Improve

Back when I was in grade school, I only had two focuses: Chat with friends and get good grades. Because of those priorities along with the mindset during the school years I always had fond memories of the time I spent with other people but usually had a hard time recalling what exactly I learned from class. In those days I was content with just hanging with my buddies and just let life pass me by not worrying too much about things like fame, fortune or dream job.

As time went by and I entered new phases of my life I began to notice something, everything in the world was changing except me. Between meeting new people and going to brand new environments I realized that there was so much more to this wonderful world we live in than the sandbox I had set up for myself. Moreover, exploring even further into this ever changing world I felt myself changing growing into someone I didn't even plan on becoming.

Ultimately the thing that pushed me to become the content creator I am today was watching other content creators online. Unlike those you see on the big screen in theaters or DVD’s, these people were not famous actors and celebrities nor were they millionaires living the rich life but instead just that, people like you and me. Individuals who had nothing to their name, made pieces of work that they can truly call their own and brought other people together to form communities in ways I did not previously think possible.

From that point onward, I was no longer content with just watching the world go by me. I did not want to simply watch the waves flow but ride them. The moment I witnessed this power to bring communities together to make a difference in the world was the moment I decided what path I would take and what my dream would be.

To be remembered as someone who brought people together through the works of art I create and making a positive difference in their lives be it either my Autism videos, podcasts, books or whatever else I may come up with next. If I can know that my creations attract people and help make their lives better in some way shape or form I will know that I have done my work. Of course for such a task I can’t be satisfied with doing the same exact thing over and over.

Whenever I can I look for new ways to improve, to become better than the me I was a few moments ago. Whether it would be how to improve the quality of my content, how to create new content, how to take better care of my body or how to just be a better person. I want to be able to reflect on where I began and take pride in how far I have come. The pursuit of self improvement is one that never ends and yet it is one that can be rewarding should you choose to keep working at it and never give up.

Have you had a moment when you decided you want to improve yourself? Let me know!

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