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  • Marie Mindach-Putnam

Tips & Tricks for a Special Needs/Disability Road Trip

Road trips can be stressful and Integrity Destinations can help by making hotel reservations & plan for attractions on the way. Also, here are several tips/tricks for the road trips that can be used during this Holiday Season.

Travel always involves some risks for children and/or adults with medical needs or sensory issues but there are also significant benefits for traveling by car, such as: *Being able to bring medical equipment or comforting items from home *Freedom to make as many stops as necessary & to customize your itinerary (let Integrity Destinations help) *Being up close & personal with your family for long periods of time for bonding *Changing your daily routine & exploring new environments to learn new life skills *Developing emotional regulation *Stimulating speech & language development with constantly changing scenery

Car Safety:

*Install child seats correctly *Consider using covers for buckles & switches. *Be sure to turn on child locks for doors & windows. *Limit the number of distractions by your child. Such as removing items they can throw into the front seat and/or out the windows. You or someone else may consider sitting in the back seat with the child while another drives. *Trip Ready Car-Be sure to be updated on your oil change. Check tire treads & air pressure. Have brakes & fluids checked. *Emergency Kit-Include first aid kit, extra water, blankets, batteries, & flash lights.


*Pack a cooler. There are now refrigerated coolers that plug into the cigarette lighters. *Stop along the way to restock as needed for potty breaks & exercise. *Suggested snacks: dried fruit, water, & high-fiber cookies

Medical Equipment:

*Bring the right equipment or let Integrity Destinations help you rent the correct equipment for any hotel stay and/or attractions along the way. CPAP, weighted blankets, right wheelchair for terrain etc... *Let Integrity Destinations know about your needs so we can research what the hotels and/or attractions provide. *Paperwork: Bring 1 page medical history, list of all medicines, physicians letter (include contact information), bracelets for wanderers, & insurance cards/plan. (consider travel insurance as well)

Prepare your Child:

*Write a social story for your child and/or visuals *It may be wise (according to my mother) to separate children if possible & allow them to change places after each stop. *Make regular stops every 2-4 hours for potty breaks & exercise.

In Case of Emergencies:

*Please contact travel advisor for assistance with any necessary changes and/or needs. *Integrity Destinations can map out addresses of medical facilities/hospitals *Bring extra cash in case of break downs for & hotel stays if needed. Pets: dog/cat bed, crates, leash, harnesses, food, water, bowls, favorite toys, towels, poop towels, seat cover/barriers. Integrity can do the research for pet friendly hotels. Consider using pet seatbelts and/or pet car seats.

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