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What is taught in parenting classes?

Do you ever feel out of your depth when interacting with your child? Or maybe you have a child on the way and don’t feel confident in your parenting skills. Parenting classes can help you be the best possible parent to your child. From learning current research to receiving support from other parents, taking a class will teach you new skills and help you and your child develop a healthy relationship built on mutual respect.

Keep reading to learn what is taught in parenting classes and how we approach our classes at A Cognitive Connection. As a cognitive and behavioral health center in Colorado Springs, we have a special passion for families of disabled and neurodivergent children. However, we believe that all families can benefit from this type of support.

What Are Parenting Classes?

Parenting classes are designed to give you the tools and knowledge to nurture your child’s growth. As a parent, having a range of strategies for discipline, redirection, and communication can help you achieve peace at home. Parenting classes create an environment where you can ask questions and receive guidance from experienced professionals and other parents.

They are especially helpful for new parents, families going through a major change, such as a divorce or move, and parents who are interested in exploring different parenting styles. Some children can actually develop anxiety or depression from parenting styles that aren’t suited to their personality. Learning other strategies and techniques can help you make an informed decision for your family.

Types of Parenting Classes

Parenting classes often focus on a particular age range, parenting style, or children with specific needs, such as neurodivergence or a behavioral struggle. Here are a few common types:

  • New Parent Classes: These cover the basics of caring for infants and toddlers, including sleep, nutrition, and first aid.

  • Child development classes: Here you’ll learn about the different stages of your child’s development and how to support healthy growth

  • Classes for specific needs: This is the broadest category and classes can cover topics from parenting a neurodivergent child to support for foster care families.

If you are interested in taking a parenting class, make sure that you select one that is relevant to your family’s needs. Check out online options if you can’t find a good fit in your area.

Parenting Education Program Topics

Here are a few common topics that might be covered in your parenting class, depending on the focus of the class you choose. You’ll learn to:

  • Understand your child’s behavior

  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Establish routines and rituals

  • Develop effective communication strategies

  • Practice conflict resolution strategies

  • Identify warning signs of substance abuse

  • Implement productive disciplinary techniques

At A Cognitive Connection, for example, we focus on teaching positive and proactive strategies to help children reach their full potential and cover many of these topics.

Pros and Cons of Parenting Classes

Parenting classes can be a great way to build your parenting skills, and there are many benefits for those who take the time to attend. Here are some pros:

  • Gain knowledge and support from experienced professionals

  • Learn strategies that promote healthy relationships with children

  • Discover resources to help your family cope

  • Make connections with other parents and families

Parenting classes can also come with some drawbacks. Before signing up for a class, make sure you consider the following potential cons:

  • Time commitment – parenting classes require dedication to attend and complete assignments

  • Cost – some classes may have fees attached or be associated with resource centers that have material costs

  • Not all classes are equal – not all parenting classes are created equal, so it’s essential to do your research and find one that suits your family’s needs

Should you Take a Parenting Class?

Attending a parenting class is a great way for any parent to gain knowledge and valuable resources. You’ll learn effective strategies to help create the positive environment children need to thrive.

There are a few situations, however, in which classes can be especially beneficial. If your family is going through a big transition, your current parenting style isn’t working, or you’re feeling overwhelmed, it might be worth researching parent education classes in your area.

Explore Our Community Resources for Parents

At A Cognitive Connection, we offer parenting classes that will give you the tools you need to care for your child. Our focus is to help parents and children develop healthy behaviors that allow them to thrive. Whether you need strategies to support your neurodivergent child or want to learn more about child development, our team of therapists can help. Schedule a free consultation today for more information on our classes.


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