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A Blog Post About Myself

Hello everyone, my name is Steven Macalester and I am Autistic! Some may know me as the man behind the YouTube channel Tostemac, but we’ll get to that in a bit. My story begins not with a lifelong dream or some crazy event, rather it begins with a question. . . why am I different?

I was around five years old when I asked my mom this question because I started to notice that the classmates at school were acting so different from me. This was a time where I got exposure to both special needs classes and regular ed classes, seeing the huge difference between the two. When I asked my mom the big question, that was when I first heard about Autism. She described it as a special gift that makes me unique, a description which has stayed with me to this day. From this point, I felt really good about myself wanting to learn more about Autism and how it affects my life as well as how other people view me.

Throughout the years I have had countless opportunities to go to various social environments from fundraisers, concerts and even wine festivals meeting both good and. . . questionable individuals.

Now I am at a point where I want to share my Autism experience with other people! To do this I have made two Autism projects, the first one being two Autism books that I have published which you can now check out and even order online on my website! The other one is my YouTube channel Tostemac where every Saturday I post new videos regarding Autism and whatever else is going on in my life. It’s been going four years strong and over 800 subscribers so if you want to check out what I am working on check out the links down below. Looking forward to more blog posts in the future, see you later!

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