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  • Brittany Fisher

A Career in Business May Be Ideal for Women With Autism

People with autism have historically faced many challenges when it came time to enter the workforce. But times are changing, and there are many options available today that were unheard of just a generation ago. Many young men and women on the spectrum have found success and independence by starting their own businesses. Others, such as Temple Grandin, Satoshi Tajiri, and Dan Akroyd have made names for themselves in a wide breadth of fields.

Although people with autism sometimes take longer to master a skill than others, a career in business is a great choice. It opens up room for harnessing their personal strengths and offers up a valuable opportunity to be in control of their own lives. To help you decide if a life in business is for you, Autism Vision of Colorado shares the following insight.

Job Skills Matter

Having the necessary skills is crucial to moving up the career ladder. And organizations like Yes She Can believe that job skills are best learned by immersion. A great example, their Girl AGain boutique is a learning platform that allows young women with autism to gain experience in running a small business. Techniques designed for women with autism are combined with traditional job training. This type of hands-on experience is a valuable opportunity to gain a real-world understanding of the challenges and rewards of professional life.

In addition to rote learning, young women with autism looking to get into business can pave a smoother path by refining their soft skills. These include communication, punctuality, and social skills, according to LiveCareer. While many people with autism struggle in these areas, there is nothing stopping them from building a foundation in each. In fact, soft skills can be learned and refined over time.

Education Can Help

While learning by doing is typically most effective for people with autism, there are many instances where going back to school to earn a degree pays off. A degree in business, for example, is an excellent option for young women with autism. The right program teaches marketing, management styles, and leadership. There are also many job training opportunities throughout the United States, both in-person and online.

Entrepreneurship Is Often the Answer

CNBC has covered the topic of autistic entrepreneurs before. There are many reasons why learning job skills and going into business as an SMB makes sense for women with autism. First, are the changing attitudes toward spectrum disorders. Further, people with autism often excel in certain areas. According to the UK-based Autism Awareness Centre, people with autism typically have keen observation skills and superior recall memory. The organization also lists tenacity, integrity, extreme focus, and attention to detail as just a few of the benefits of having autism. Coincidentally, these are all important personality traits for business owners.

Ample Funding Available

Something else that young women with autism might consider is that there are many different loans and grants available to people with disabilities. Entrepreneur explains that the Small Business Administration, USDA, and many public and private entities set aside anywhere from $2,000 up to $100,000 or more to help fund the dreams of people with disabilities throughout the United States.

Bringing It All Together

Taking the leap into entrepreneurship will require attention to finer details. This includes creating a business plan, deciding on a business name, creating a logo and using tools and technology that help streamline operations. One such useful tool is a document management app that converts PDF to Word for making changes to files. This tool allows you to easily drag and drop the PDF, then produce a Word document in no time.

People with autism have more opportunities today than ever to let their strengths shine. A career in business, whether it’s management, marketing, or entrepreneurship, is a great option. If you are a woman with autism, refine your skills so that you can pursue your passion with the experience you need to thrive in whatever business you choose.

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