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Autism Parents Are the Best Parents

Do you ever feel like you are failing your child? Chances are you’re not! AND here is why!!

  • Once our child is given a diagnosis of autism, you research! You read things on the Internet. You buy books. You join support groups. You ask questions and you learn all you can about autism, therapies and anything that can help your children.

  • You arrange and transport your child to numerous therapy sessions and appointments.

  • You advocate for your child to get services in school. That means learning about IEP’s, 504’s and accommodations.

  • You endlessly try to figure out what your child will eat! If that means eating chicken nuggets every night, then so be it!

  • You know where all the exits and safe places are when you go out in public.

  • You have all kinds of toys, stim items and electronics in your vehicle, in your purse and wherever you go!

  • You will tell off anyone, oops I mean you will educate anyone, who doesn’t understand autism and your child’s differences.

  • You wait and cry to yourself at night after a rough day because you don’t want your child to see how much it hurts.

  • You put your child’s needs first, above your own.

  • You will do anything to help them be successful in life.

  • You have to cut ties with friends and sometimes even family because they don’t understand why your child acts the way they do.

  • You buy 1,000 pairs of clothes and shoes trying to find something that will be comfortable and your child will wear. And you cut out all the tags!

  • You spent more time focused on your child with autism than their siblings.

These are just a small sampling of some of the things we do for our kids. The list is endless and different for each individual family. We all know if you have met one person with autism then you have met one person with autism.

I say all this to say you are a great parent! Let me say that again! You are a great parent!! There is no instruction manual for our kids. It can be hard! But parents, you are strong! You are relentless! You are great parents doing the best you can, to the best of your abilities. Don’t let anyone tell you differently! You give of yourself and you love your child no matter what! You are the best parent!

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