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My personal heroes

Some people who know me may wonder who some of my personal heroes are, who are the individuals I look up to for inspiration. Could they be firefighters or emergency responders? They do incredible work to be sure and I am thankful for what they do, but that is not a path I desire to take with my life. Perhaps the celebrities that we see in movies or popular TV shows? Nope, that is not it either. I find it sadly ironic that the celebrities can also be called “stars”, so beautiful to look at and behold but always seems beyond our reach.

So if it’s not any of these people then who could my personal heroes be? For me they have always been the entertainers. From comedians like Gabriel Iglesias and Jeff Dunham to content creators like Markiplier and the people from Rooster Teeth, these are the individuals who not only fully understand the power of laughter and being socially aware but also remind people that it is okay to be true to yourself. If anything, being yourself is encouraged by these amazing people since sometimes the best stories in life can come from your own personal experience.

Lastly, in the end they are people like you and me, those that came from nothing but humble beginnings and used their special talent to make a name for themselves, bring people together through love and kindness and never forget where they came from. They have shown me that if they can make it big by being themselves while coming from nothing then anything is possible! That’s enough about what I think though, what are some of your personal heroes?

Steven Macalester


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