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The importance of Privacy

The internet has been one of the greatest inventions of our time. It allows us to connect to other people around the world, discover new things that we may not have known even existed, and even give us a platform to share our own stories. However, this can also come back to bite us in the butt if we are not careful, specifically if we tend to share a little bit too much online.

I’ve seen all kinds of posts on social media from pictures of faraway lands to inspirational speeches. Much to my misfortune though, I have also seen people record things that in my mind should have never gone to the internet such as a parent recording their child having a meltdown, a person sharing a harmful or negative message that just angers the people around them and I swear to you I have even seen a video of a person recording themselves going on a tangent that they didn’t get a fresh Mcdonalds cookie, seriously I can’t make this up even if I wanted to.

When I look at these recordings on social media I find myself asking “Why? Why would you post this online? Surely you must have known nothing good would come out of this.” The internet allows us new ways to be open to the world, that’s true, but sometimes being too open can go horribly wrong. Sometimes it helps to be open and sometimes it helps to be private. I know it sounds weird coming from an Autistic content creator who has published two books, makes videos for all to see and makes blogs like this. Nevertheless, I’m not going to share everything about my life, it belongs solely to me unless I say otherwise.

Same goes for you, your life is your own and it doesn’t belong to anyone else in the world unless you decide it does. It’s cool if you want to be open about something but if you prefer to keep it to yourself or don’t think sharing something would be a good idea that’s cool too, ultimately it’s up to you.

What are your thoughts about the internet and the importance of privacy?

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